FlightSimCon 2016 Presentation

At FlightSimCon 2016, in Hartford, CT, I had the chance to present with Misha Cajic. Our topic of choice was how to plan, start, and most importantly finish a scenery project. Most of our advice came from personal experience, mixed with seeing obstacles other flight simulation developers have had. Watch on AirDailyX’s YouTube channel:

Native Prepar3D Format Ground Polygons

With the recent release of Prepar3D v3.3 brought a surprise change, not all FS2002 ground polygons worked anymore. Many had flashing textures, missing layers, or otherwise created issues. The official support for FS2002 ground polygons was dropped during the Prepar3D v2.x release period, and has been unsupported through the entire life of Prepar3D v3. However,


During this semester, I took an introductory course to 2D animation. Many of the principles behind modeling in 3DS Max carry over to 2D animation so it was an interesting course. My first animations followed a loose story based on my cat, as a mail delivering, flying cat. The third project of the semester I

Calcutron 5000

Calcutron 5000 is a JavaScript calculator with a vintage styling. It is inspired by the big, bulky, ugly beige calculators of the 1980’s, complete with chunky keys and loud keypresses. Designing Calcutron was part of a DailyUI challenge. The original CodePen concept is here: See the Pen Daily UI #04 by Alex Goff (@alexgoff) on