Web Typography Demo

For an upcoming presentation on web typography, I put together a demo piece showing simple steps that can be taken to improve readability of text. The demo takes the first few paragraphs of Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities” and shows the steps that can be taken from no formatting, to easy readability. These

Type CSS Framework

I have been working on a small CSS framework the past few weeks. It is at the point where I am comfortable putting it in the wild and hopefully it is not in too bad of shape. The goal for Type CSS is to create minimal, highly readable web content. It is not intended as

Oregon Trail Name Generator

I got the Oregon Trail card game the other day for nostalgic purposes. Making up names for the game was fun, so I took a bit of time to make a name generator for those of us that struggle to think of what our Wild West name might be. Here’s the link: Oregon Trail Name

FlightSimCon 2016 Presentation

At FlightSimCon 2016, in Hartford, CT, I had the chance to present with Misha Cajic. Our topic of choice was how to plan, start, and most importantly finish a scenery project. Most of our advice came from personal experience, mixed with seeing obstacles other flight simulation developers have had. Watch on AirDailyX’s YouTube channel: