BIG bunch of CodePens

It’s been so long since I’ve posted new work on my blog, but I promise I’ve been out here doing stuff. Here’s a whole bunch of pens that I’ve done in the last few months: Marie Curie Thank You Note See the Pen Marie Curie – Thank You Note by Alex (@alexgoff) on CodePen. Periodic

New Projects

It’s been a few months, and I have a handful of new projects to post about finally. I haven’t done many CSS illustrations so far this year, but I’m ramping up again on Codepen. In addition to two illustrations, I have two little tech demos that I’ve started on. Both need a little more work

New CSS Drawing

Not a big post, just wanted to add a new CSS drawing for February. It’s been a while so here is a little older house situated in front of the water (ocean?). See the Pen CSS Drawing: House by Alex Goff (@alexgoff) on CodePen.

CSS Drawings

I have been doing some CSS recently, trying to improve drawing skills and learning CSS animations. I’ve found that CSS drawing has also taught me much more about positioning than I knew before First drawing: An illustration of what my desk at work looks like See the Pen CSS Desk Drawing by Alex Goff (@alexgoff)