Type CSS Framework

I have been working on a small CSS framework the past few weeks. It is at the point where I am comfortable putting it in the wild and hopefully it is not in too bad of shape. The goal for Type CSS is to create minimal, highly readable web content. It is not intended as a fully fledged framework a la Bootstrap, Foundation, etc. Its spiritual predecessor is Skeleton CSS, a small lightweight boilerplate. Type CSS is slightly larger, and more feature filled so it is a bit more of a framework than a boilerplate.


  • Flexbox-based grid system
  • Flexbox utility classes
  • Typography that took a few days to get “right”
  • Buttons, forms, tables, utility classes, and all the other goodies

Now… transitioning this blog to Type CSS will be the real test. Currently it is running off my tweaked fork of Skeleton.

Feedback is always welcome via email, GitHub, etc.

GitHub Repository

Demo Page